Clinic – Salon

Clinic – Salon by Doctors Inc. is a Holistic approach to beauty. Powered by Doctors Inc., this brand specializes in injectables, skin care treatments, invasive treatments and selected plastic surgery procedures. Our first location, based at Falckstraat in the center of Amsterdam holds, besides its treatment and operation rooms, the Doctors Inc. Academy, where we provide advanced training courses to physicians from all over the world on injectable procedures as well as to all the doctors and skin therapists working at the Doctors Inc. brands.

Face Body Bar

Face Body Bar by Doctors Inc. is a brand that holds clinic and salon services specialized in injectables, skincare and innovative  & highly effective non-invasive face and body treatments and offers signature treatments for both men and women. Powered by the Doctors Inc. quality, this brand includes a drip room, space where infusions are being offered in a high-end sportive and business environment. Furthermore it is the Expert Center in the Netherlands for Sculpsure, Ulthera and Cellfina. Our first location is based in Zuidas, Amsterdam.

Shop in Shop

Shop in Shops by Doctors Inc. are established at selected beauty related concepts like spa’s, beauty salons and all round beauty concepts in which a treatment room is enabled with the Doctors Inc. look and feel and following clinical standards. Here we provide injectables and specialized skin treatments. Currently we have 2 locations and 4 more will be presented soon. Our aim is ensuring high quality treatments in a proper clinical environment. For the expansion of this brand we welcome high end companies related to the beauty sector in the Netherlands.